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Company Profile

Wal Pavey Real Estate

Independently owned and operated since 1948

Wal Pavey Real Estate is Maryboroughs original most respected, and longest serving real estate agency in the area.

Established in 1948 by Walter Pavey our family owned and operated business is a third generation of professional real estate agents.  Our grandfather, father, and currently Wal and Cindy are highly respected agents with exceptional work ethics, and always strive to achieve their very best results for every vendor, and purchaser.

Our experienced sales, and property management team specialize in all aspects of sales, rentals, property management, including residential, rural, commercial, and coastal.

Wal has a great deal of knowledge,and experience with both selling, and managing commercial properties, as well as selling properties on Fraser Island (K'Gari) making him an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase or sell on this world heritage listed paradise.

Cindy specializes in selling residential, rural, and coastal properties, and her knowledge, honesty, and experience is second to none.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a property we can guarantee you of our very best intentions at all times to achieve the very best possible results for you.  We have a number of returning clients who have dealt with us for many years that appreciate our honest, trust worthy, and transparent approach.  It is important to us to have happy, and satisfied clients now, and in the future.   

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in all of your real estate requirements.  Contact us today for our trusted, and reliable service.     

For properties in Maryborough, Fraser Island, and surrounds contact us today!

144 Adelaide Street, Maryborough

Ph: 07 4123 3555